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Career Day

A project of university courses adaptation and virtual networks creation in order to improve business interaction and to support economic and social development.
Co-financed by the European Social Fund.


AMP – speed up your mobile search

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – is Google’s new project that helps publishers getting their posts load faster and at a higher quality. With AMP you can load pages in seconds even if we’re talking about rich content like videos, animations or graphics no matter the platform or device you’re using.   AMP consists of […]


Key metrics to track social media success

In our last article we looked over the social marketing tools that worth invest in for 2016. These tools can help develop your business and increase your sales. Now it’s time to talk about key metrics or key performance indicators in social media and the way they ensure one’s organization success. KPI’s help you understand […]


Digital Marketing for 2016: be social!

It’s already the end of January. Did you make you 2015 evaluation on how you promote your business in social media? If not, it’s a shame because social media it’s the most powerful tool in making your products be seen. But if you are familiar with the impact of social media in advertising your business, […]